Cisco Live 2021 NewsFlash: Four takeaways

There were a lot of announcements at Cisco Live 2021 this year! Attached you will find information that is creating a lot of conversation. Please let me know if you want to dive deeper into these announcements. The one-pager is free for you to download and share.



The Challenge and the Solution

Modern enterprises demand agility. Mobile workforce and bring your own device (BYOD) trend has sparked a digital transformation. Organizations have to deal with a diverse set of users such as employees, contractors and partners who work from anywhere at anytime and on any device. The proliferation of user types, devices and access locations increases security risks for the organizations. 

It’s no longer safe to assume that users are who they say they are and their devices are secure. 

Duo’s focus is on securing access for any user connecting to any application from any device.  The new network perimeter is wherever an access decision happens. Duo protects this new perimeter by verifying user trust (confirming a user is who they say they are) using its best-in-class adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution.

As a result, Duo integrates with any application with ease, provides self-enrollment and an excellent end-user experience.

AnyConnect with DUO

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