Cisco Cyber Ops Scholarship

Back in July, Cisco started a scholarship campaign for their new certification track CCNA Cyber Ops. A 10-million dollar investment would be made to increase the talent pool with critical cybersecurity proficiency.

“Through the scholarship program, Cisco will offer free training, mentoring, and testing designed to help you earn CCNA Cyber Ops certification and hone the skills needed for the job role of security operations center analyst. The new CCNA Cyber Ops certification has been designed to address the critical skills deficit, providing the job-ready knowledge needed to meet current and future challenges in network security.” -Cisco

The qualification for the scholarship were minimal, (you can find them at the above link) so I decided to apply. After months of no communications and one assessment test, I finally received this….



Congratulations to anyone that also got accepted. I’m excited to see where this takes me.


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