Cabinet and Rack Requirements for Cisco Nexus 7010

You can install a Nexus 7010 switch in any cabinet as long as it meets these standard requirements

  • Standard perforated cabinets
  • Standard open racks
  • Solid walled cabinet (needs roof fan tray)
  • 19-inch Four-post rack with universal hole spacing


  • Must be at least 21 RU for one chassis
  • 42 RU for two chassis ( recommended is 45 RU)


  • 24 to 32 inches between front and rear mounting brackets

Clearances between Nexus 7010 chassis and edge of rack or interior of cabinet

  • 7 inches between the chassis (front/back) or interior cabinet for cabling


Additional site requirements for the rack

  • AC Power receptacles must be with 12 feet of each power supply in each chassis
  • Provide cable management for up to 384 ports for each chassis
  • Cable management should support for up to 384 ports per chassis.
  • Cable routing should not block access to any of the modules
  • Cable routing should not block any airflow or exhaust vents

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