Evolving Technologies

SD-WAN, SD-Access, and Intent Based Networking are emerging designs to serve a single purpose.

Application trends, traffic trends and user experience are changing. They are going to continue to change as the adoption of the “cloud” continues.

The idea of hosted applications has changed the way the network functions and delivers content. Applications like Cisco WebEx, Microsoft O365, and Amazon Web services are all examples of applications that have adopted the cloud model. Also better known as Software as a Service (SaaS).

These applications, different in function yet attempt to benefit from heterogenous networks. Where any user, at any location, with any network can access their application.

Any user, any location, and any network is of course subjective and has dependencies unrelated to this discussion however this is the idea behind SD-WAN, SD-ACCESS, and Intent Based Networking.

The benefits that come from these designs are reduced operational expenses/capital and simplifying the network.

However, the true benefit that these designs offer is user experience. User experience is the business of the today and the future.

Through a series of posts we will talk about SD-WAN and other related “evolving technologies” and buzz around the industry.




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