Campus switching positioning

Recommended Releases for Cat9K and Cat3K

It can be confusing to know which Catalyst 9K switch to position on your campus. The most recent release to the Catalyst 9K switching family; the Catalyst 9600 brings a modular chassis to the core/aggregation layer and is positioned to replace the 6500 & 6800.

Heres a quick reference aimed to assist you in your upgrades and have confidence that you will meet the present and future needs of the campus.

Current PlatformTransition to Cat 9K Series
Access SwitchingCatalyst 2960Catalyst 9200
Catalyst 3650Catalyst 9300L
Catalyst 3850Catalyst 9300
Catalyst 4500ECatalyst 9400
Backbone SwitchingCatalyst 3850 10GCatalyst 9500
Catalyst 4500XCatalyst 9500
Catalyst 6500ECatalyst 9600
Catalyst 6800Catalyst 9600



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