Catalyst 9200, Upgrading IOS-XE Amsterdam 17.3.x (Install Mode)

Starting with IOS-XE 17.3.2 and future releases, Cisco implemented Smart Licensing using Policy. Be sure to read up on what this means in this post Update to Cisco Smart Licensing. If you need to review how to change operating modes, you can check this post Converting Cisco IOS-XE Software from Bundle Mode to Install Mode.

You may notice the new command no boot manual. What this essentially is doing is setting the config register to 0x2102. Classic platforms that run on IOS code version; you can set this via the config-register command. However, on Catalyst 9K switches that run IOS-XE, the config-register command was ineffective and malfunctioned, causing confusion.

To prevent the switch from rebooting into ROMmon mode (boot the switch normally), use the no boot manual command as shown in the code snippet below.

OperationIOS Config-register valueEquivalent IOS-XE CLI
Boot normally0x2102Switch(config)#no boot manual
Boot to rommon0x0,0x2120Switch(config)#boot manual
Step 1. Remove Unwanted Packages
C9200K#install remove inactive
Step 2. Copy New Image to Flash
C9200K#copy usbflash1:cat9k_lite_iosxexxx.bin flash:
Step 3. Set Boot Variable
C9200K(config)#boot system flash:packages.conf
C9200K(config)#no boot manual
C9200K#show boot system
Step 4. Software Install Image to Flash
C9200K#install add file flash: cat9k_lite_iosxexxx.bin activate commit (auto reloads after this command)
Step 5. Verify New Packages and Image after reload
C9200K#dir flash:*.pkg
Step 6. Check Version and New Bootloader
C9200K#show version
C9200K#show boot

Hope that this helps.


Cisco. (2021, May 10). Smart licensing using policy on catalyst switching platforms. Cisco. 

Cisco. (2021, February 24). Configuration register equivalent CLIs In IOS-XE. Cisco. 


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