Apronomics: December, 2022

Apronomics, is a play on the word ‘macroeconomics’ which seeks to provide a general perspective in three specific domains. Cloud, Digital Transformation, and Web3. This is monthly and sometimes twice a month TL;DR “too long; didn’t read” digital glance that serves as a quick consumption style for those looking for hot topics in Cloud, Digital Transformation, and Web3.


  • AWS: Secured a $723,878,930 five-year fixed-prices agreement with the Department of Navy (DoN). This agreement provides DoN access to AWS’s Commercial Cloud environment, AWS Profession Services, and AWS training and certifications courses (Link)
  • AWS: AWS re:Invent 2022 delivered to a different audience. With possible recession fear looming, AWS aimed their success stories and use cases at the C-suit hoping the executives would invest their traditional computing dollars in AWS. Operations could be exponentially cheaper however, AWS needs to tell the customer how to do it not just talk about it (Link)
  • Oracle: “triple-digit” bookings growth in IaaS and will invest $2.4 Billion quarterly to meet future growth. Oracle had acquired Cerner to focus on the healthcare sector which helped contribute to their growth alongside their Fusion Cloud and NetSuite businesses (Link)


  • HPE: Hewlett Packard Enterprise express interest to buy Nutanix. Nutanix offers customers a software-defined hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) which competes with the HPE solution, SimpliVity (Link)
  • PAN: Palo Alto Networks recently announced its intent to acquire Cider Security for $195M. Cider’s App Sec Platform “InCider” secures a customer’s code from source to deployment offering risk identity and vulnerability across a company’s code, IAC, and supply-chain. PAN may be looking to expand Ciders offering as part of Prisma Cloud (Link)
  • Cisco: Cisco announces three security enchantments for AWS Security LakeAWS Verified Access and AWS Control Tower


  • Fleek: A Web3 developer platform has raised $25 Million in Series A funding. Funds will allow Fleek to focus on building out edge networks, bringing content closer to the user via their decentralized content delivery network (CDN) (Link)
  • Yuga Labs: A blockchain technology company responsible for the Board Ape Yacht Club and Otherside will appoint Activision Blizzard President and COO Daniel Alegre as new CEO beginning the first half of 2023 (Link)
  • Solidity and Clarity: As the demand for Web3 picks up developers are shifting their development stack to include new languages like Solidity and Clarity. Both are used to bring smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) to blockchain. Solidity is used for Ethereum while Clarity is used for Bitcoin (Link)



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