Apronomics: January, 2023

Apronomics, is a play on the word ‘macroeconomics’ which seeks to provide a general perspective in three specific domains. Cloud, Digital Transformation, and Web3. This is monthly and sometimes twice a month TL;DR “too long; didn’t read” digital glance that serves as a quick consumption style for those looking for hot topics in Cloud, Digital Transformation, and Web3.


  • AWS: Expected to reach 100B in 2023, despite economic uncertainty. AWS will announce its fourth-quarter earnings on Feb 2, 2023. A breakdown of AWS 12mo earnings in 2021, Q1:18.44B, Q2:19.74, Q3:20.54, Q4:17.78. (Link)
  • Azure: Multiyear, Multibillion dollar partnership with OpenAI, best known for ChatGPT, to accelerate AI breakthroughs. As the exclusive cloud provider powering OpenAI, Azure will look to commercialize OpenAI and offer the technology in its native Azure services. (Link)
  • Snowflake: Acquires Myst, a time series forecasting company. Myst offers an AI platform that helps index a sequence of data points over a period of time. This allows historical data to forecast future behaviors. (Link)


  • Meta: Confirms that it is acquiring Luxexcel, a smart eyewear company. Meta will likely leverage the company’s technology to produce AR glasses. This acquisition aligns with Meta’s corporate strategy when it comes to AR and VR advancements. (Link)
  • Amazon: Sidewalk, Amazon’s long-range, low-bandwidth IoT mesh network has four new device manufacture partners to bring smart devices to offer developers. (Link)
  • Microsoft: Acquires Fungible, a company that offers scale-out capabilities for data center infrastructure with low processing power also known as low-power data processing units (DPU). (Link)


  • Ava Labs: Has partnered with AWS to support its Web3 node operations. Ava Labs makes it simple to deploy high-performance solutions for Web3. (Link)
  • Polygon: $MATIC Completes a hard fork upgrade to minimize gas fees. Although gas fees will continue to increase during peak demand, they will be aligned with Ethereums gas dynamics. (Link)
  • U.S. Gov: The U.S. government seeks to set a basis for legislative and regulatory control of cryptocurrencies. One way the U.S. government considers jurisdiction over cryptocurrencies is through the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, not the SEC. (Link)



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